Friday, May 20, 2005

Let the tinkering begin.

Well, as much as I like bryght (and I really like it), I've decided that I just can't foot the $40/month hosting bill right now for a personal site.

With that in mind, I've made the somewhat surprising decision to use an application called Textpattern to manage this weblog. I'll be hosting it at Textdrive. You can see the beginnings here: ext 337. I still have some more to do before I flip the switch and stop using this site completely. I will, however, be doing some updates to that site.

I'm using Textdrive to manage my link blog -- it's in the left rail -- as well.

I decided to go with Textpattern because, well, I wanted to. I like the way that it manages content, using tags, and focuses on the ease of writing entries. I also like the chance to broaden my experience with different applications.

If the posting here slows down, check that site.