Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Wrap-up notes from Penguin Day Bay Area

Penguin Day Bay Area was, as is my experience with Penguin Days a lot of fun. Aspiration (which means Gunner and Katrin) does a good job of keeping the energy high, making sure there's space for everyone and meeting their number one goal: getting people to talk to one another. Also, they are doing an increasingly good job of capturing the events on the Penguin Day Wiki. Community knowledge archives are always a good thing.

I took open-computer notes during one of the morning sessions. Throughout the day, though, I used my Hipster PDA to capture the happening. And here are those notes, straight from my oft-mocked index cards:

  • #1 goal of event: to get people to talk to one another, make connections
    This is not only a nice goal; it's nice to get the goal of the event out in the introductory session. Helps people to meet it and participate in it.

  • Why isn't F/LOSS ready? The large number of unknowns.
    -how to choose between the options
    -solutions to problems often begin with the phrase "You just need to write a piece of code..."

  • As an organizations, CompuMentor needs to be much better about capturing a visual record of our work.
    -Bring (and use!) a camera

  • IRC channel for outside conversations on the same topics
    -I know that they want folks to meet but would it help if people could have topics on IRC that match the topics at the Penguin Day? Maybe the IRC sessions have a leader too and are logged and added to knowledge repository. Doesn't compete or necessarily provide a back channel for the day but can be support? A way of virtualizing (is that even a word?) the conference?
    -Maybe IRC conversations before hand (rather than conference calls) as a way to set the agenda. More people can participant and get a sense of what is going to happen. Might be a way to bring in the local user community?

  • Check on Meyer Memorial Trust (from Oso Martin of FreeGeek).
    -A community foundation that explicitly encourages nonprofits to examine open source when making technology decisions.

  • Make our speed geek pitch for available for anyone else who may want to present it.

  • Speed Geek participants and quick hit:

  • Open content session:

    • I facilitated

    • for the future: start with how nonprofits can use open content; add how they can contribute

    • key concern for member orgs: if we give the content away, what's our value to our membership

  • Off the Record (OTR): IM encryption for AIM, gAIM

[General disclaimer: CompuMentor was a co-organizer of this event.]

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