Monday, April 18, 2005

TechSoup Event: Welcome to Online Learning Communities and Collaboration!

Today begins a weeklong event: Online Learning Communities and Collaboration. Here's the agenda:

Tuesday: What are some free or inexpensive tools for teaching, training and building learning community?

In addition to our discussion on TechSoup on Tuesday, we will have a live synchronous meeting to demonstrate a real-time communication tool. The meeting will be at 11 am PDT (see the World Clock to calculate your time at Register on the ICT Literacy Community (free) and log in at In the Member Offices area, you will see my office (Janet Salmons.) When you hit the button “Enter Now” you will download the bit of Java you need to participate on the Elluminate platform. If you have a mic you will be able to talk using voice over Internet, otherwise you can chat.

Wednesday: How can we build learning community through meetings and conferences? We'll look at some best practice examples from the Tutor/Mentor Connection and KnowPlace.

Thursday: Going from f2f to online learning...what does it take? We'll explore some factors to consider when teaching or training online.

Friday: Any more questions? Summary and resources.

I'm looking forward to participating in this conversation. Through one of our grants, we've been doing some on-line training and I know that we can improve in that area. I'm also interested in the intersection between online communities and learning. I wouldn't necessarily bundle these together in the same way. I'm looking forward to understanding more about how they relate.

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