Friday, April 01, 2005

Register for Penguin Day Bay Area

More than any other event I attend, I feel that Penguin Day gives me an opportunity to listen to the reflections of the other attendees, trade concerns, talk about work and learn about new projects. I always come back with a host of contact and new, excellent, content to fill my feed aggregator. Even more, I feel that the I can carry a little bit of the perspective of the other attendees into the work I do and the problems I face. Enough of the pitch: sign up. Penguin Day San Francisco Bay Area: Free and Open Source Software for Non-Profits.

(disclaimer: CompuMentor, the organization for which I work, is co-organizing this event. I like it anyway. I went in Philadelphia last year and Chicago this.)

(in: foss, open_source, penguin_day, aspiration)