Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Ready to take the plunge

Okay, I've decided to keep the weblog. I've been posting here for a few months and my interest isn't flagging. The blog's been helping me. When I went to NTC, my conversations, in many cases, started at a deeper level because of the weblog; I've made or deepened some relationships; and, it's certainly helped get me in the habit of articulating and sharing my thoughts.

I want to continue to work in the medium -- and maybe even try my hand at podcasting, work on longer pieces of writing, and in general play around with this communication means -- but I need to go past blogger. I've played with a beta account on bryght which is a hosted version of drupal. That feels like a little too much for me but it may be the way to go because of the options it gives. After all, I don't have to turn everything on. I've also been using WordPress on my personal blog. It certainly has growth capability because of the various plug-ins. And it's easy-peasy to use and install.

So here's my question: on either of those systems -- drupal or WordPress -- is anyone out there willing to help me to get the site to look good? I have zero graphic design skills but I don't like the out of the box template of either system. I'm looking for a volunteer. All I can offer is design credit on the site but there you go. If anyone's willing, leave me a note in the comments or drop me an email at

(in: housekeeping, volunteer?, drupal, wordpress)