Thursday, March 24, 2005

Mena Trott's keynote

I'm listening, typing but also listening, to Mena Trott's keynote on blogging. I have a session about blogging right after this, so I'm spending some time doing a little bit of revamping to take advantage of the information she's sharing here.

But it's also captivating to me that she's talking about the social phenomenon of bloggin -- something I very often leave out when I am talking about weblogs.

Generally, she's talking, and using examples, of how easy it is for information to spread like wildfire -- once you get bloggers to pick that up. She used the Star Wars kid has one example of this.

There is still a huge hurdle though -- how do nonprofits put out information that will get picked up by bloggers?

One way, and this came out of the blogging dinner last night, was for nonprofits to be prepared for "the teachable moment." So, the election, the tsunami, the Iraq war, 9/11. These all were "teachable moments." They were times when, if a nonprofit had positioned itself with a history of publication, personal voice, and publishing, their information could have provided deep source material to webloggers, journalists, and the public in general in those times.

But the positioning can't happen 10 seconds after the "teachable moment." It has to start now so that there is history of expertise in a certain area and helps position the nonprofit to take advantage of the energy that can often swell around an issue.

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