Monday, February 14, 2005

NPTech Experiment: A Description

The nptech is experiment came out of the Nonprofit Taxonomy Creation thread (which, in itself, was spawned by a previous thread which in itself -- but I won't go there).

Essentially this experiment was to encourage participants to:

  • sign up for accounts
  • include the tag "nptech" when bookmarking anything of interest regarding nonprofit technology

This had three goals:

  1. collect interesting/relevant URLs;
  2. find other users interested in the same topic; and,
  3. jump start the creation of a taxonomy.

We wanted, as an initial pass, to pull the following data out of the collected bookmarks:

  • Total number URLs tagged with "nptech";
  • Total number of users employing "nptech";
  • Weighted list of URLs where weight is determined by the number of times a URL was bookmarked; and
  • Weighted list of tags associated with each unique URL.

If you'd like to participate, just sign up for an account and use the nptech tag when appropriate. Please tag the nptech links vigorously: the extra words help with the project.

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