Friday, February 11, 2005

Because I never ever want to listen to that station

So, I get an iPod for Valentine's Day. I know, it's early. But I wheedled and put on my best cute, I've been working hard look and held the baby and the cutest of the dogs. It works every time. And an iTrip. She did good.


I'm excited and I immediately start dumping a bunch of podcasts on it. I'm up too late dumping podcasts on it. But I was happy because I had to drive the work the next day which meant I could play with the gadgets and listen to podcasts.

And so I hope in the car the next morning, swing by casual carpool to pick up a rider and take off into the city.

And through the radio "blah, blah, blah blog blah blah rss blah blah mix blah blah" But, of course, I don't notice because it all sounds wonderful to me.

Until I drop the rider off. She sticks head back in and say, "Ummm. What radio station were we listening to?"

(in: podcast, blah, ha)