Wednesday, January 12, 2005

A weblog jump starts any conversation you're going to have

I've been trying to convince two key co-workers to start weblogs. Both are good writers. They have a sense of now -- that is they spend some time surfing and reading and regularly share information fairly quickly. And the both can benefit, I believe, from the relationship building that happens on weblogs.

Certainly, I find that some of my relationships have gotten better since I started blogging. I go to events and people know what I'm interested in and a conversation is already started. It's terrific.

But I also feel that I have a window in to a world I otherwise wouldn't know about. Blogging expands possibilities in every way.

So these people, the ones I'm trying to convince, they'd point out that their audience doesn't always read weblogs. How will that start a conversation? Well, by writing about the things I'm interested in and thinking about I've practiced talking about them. And, when the occasion arises, I find that I'm more articulate and better able to get to the point.

I also find that I frequently have a link I can send to someone to demonstrate a point in an email exchange. That link may or may not be one of my blog posts, but it's often something I find because of blogging.

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