Monday, January 24, 2005

TechSoup: Web Accessibility Event: Welcome and Agenda

This week, January 24 - 28, TechSoup will be hosting Web Accessibility Event. Here's the agenda:

Monday, 01/24/05 – What is Web Accessibility

Definition of Web Accessibility, assistive devices and why you’d want your site to be accessible.

Monday, 01/24/05 – U.S. Law, Section 508(Standards) & Guidelines

The laws and who they apply to, the difference between laws, guidelines and standards

Tuesday, 01/25/05 – Web Accessibility Site Review

Submit your homepage address (or the URL of any one web page) for an accessibility review. Each web page submitted/posted will be responded back to with a detailed review of any issues (and related to the standard or guideline), suggested quick fixes, or kudos on great accessibility.

Wednesday, 01/26/05 – How Accessible Should it really be

How far should you go with accessibility on your web site.

Tools and web sites with online automated code and accessibility validators, and how to use and understand them without being a coder.

Thursday, 01/27/05 – Recap, Additional Topics Requested and Reviews Continued

Recap of high points of items from discussions, continuation of reviewing submitted web pages for accessibility reviews, and any new topics that have spun off the main topic discussions or special request topics.

Friday, 01/28/05 – Resources and Going a Step Further

Tons of interesting resources on all elements of accessibility and tips on taking basic accessibility further.

I'm looking forward to the conversation.

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