Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Good Feedback on the 10 Reasons...RSS post

Thanks to the folks at Information Systems Forum (relevant posts here and here), the Digital Divide Network and Omidyar Network, as well as the various people that validated the thoughts by picking up the original post, I got lots of good feedback on my 10 Reasons Nonprofits Should Use RSS post.

Essentially, a next draft is going to separate the reasons into the reading the web and writing the web as categories. They are different and require a slightly different mindset.

Some of the comments asked me for more -- sort of a how to. I guess I see that as a companion article to this one. A getting started guide to RSS for nonprofit organizations. Hmmmm....that sounds like another post.

When I started, these were just brainstorms for TechSoup articles. Now, I'm thinking of this more as a campaign. How can we spread the word about RSS?

I mean, the post made the rounds and that's good to see. But, as best as I can tell, it made the rounds to people who already had aggregators (the possible exception is the person who wrote me asking if they could print and hand it out). So, how do you get the word to people who don't have aggregators?

I'm thinking (and this not-so-coincidentally coincides with an upcoming presentation I need to do) that one way to make a presentation -- directed at nonprofits -- on blogging and RSS. And then invite people to give it. Make it available and lobby to have people present it at local conferences. In fact, I think that state nonprofit conferences can be the best bet for this kind of thing.

That way, one person doesn't have to bear the expense of attending all those conferences. The good people who are giving and working on the presentation can both improve it for one another and localize it so that it is specific for their audience. how does that sound? Any thoughts?

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