Thursday, December 23, 2004

RConversation: BloggerCorps has 1st success story... where to go from here?

RConversation: BloggerCorps has 1st success story... where to go from here?. She's right; we all do need to be working to get the word out about this.

And I think this is a terrific idea.

Maybe this is just my organizational bias (after all CompuMentor was founded on the idea of hooking up technically skilled volunteers with the technology mentors, but it does seem to me that some structure or some something is needed.

I'm not sure what the something is -- do nonprofits without blogs, for example, know to get on to request help with this? Will bloggers be able to respond will to relatively ill-defined tasks? All of that is manageable and doesn't require an organizational entity but it does, I think, require some organization.

Sonny Cloward and I spent some time IMing about this. Here's a clip:

sonnycloward: as far as making a case for blogs (and leveraging content), i've been wondering about working the fundraising angle as a point of entry into npos
sonnycloward: stories are the foundation for fundraisers
sonnycloward: if there could be a case to aggregate and distribute stories to diverse audiences as a fundraising tool, npos could begin to understand their relevancy
sonnycloward: and adoption would soon follow (i make the leap of faith)
marniewwebb: You mean stories like ? I believe that they've been successful in leveraging their content to engage with a donor audience.
sonnycloward: perfect case study...yes
marniewwebb: hmmm...that actually should be pretty do-able w/o funding. TechSoup, for example, could use it as an article and then it could be easily passed around.
marniewwebb: I agree, by the way, that that could be an effective way to engage.
sonnycloward: i just think without a tangible return, most npo EDs are not going to buy it (Mr. Kenyon case in point)

So here's the point we both found ourselves nodding over: Why should nonprofit's adopt blogging? Why should they go to BloggerCorps to get help?

Two reasons: outreach and fundraising. And those reasons are not separate from each other.

So I'm going to add my own plea to the blogosphere: Do you know of a nonprofit who can serve as a case study? A nonprofit to whom blogging has made an organizational difference? If so, it would be great to be put in touch with them so that we can add some adoption stories to help motivate organizations to sign up for BloggerCorps.

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