Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Want GoogleRank? Get a Blog...

Politics & Technology: Want GoogleRank? Get a Blog...

One of the biggest strategic challenges when running an Internet campaign is getting people to visit your site. Google (and its competitors) are the entry point to big traffic. So, how do you get highly ranked on Google?

We've talked before about search engine strategies, but here's one to add to the list: Start a Blog.

The entry then goes on to list the reasons Google loves weblogs. This is good information for understanding how weblogs can benefit an organization or an advocacy/campaign effort.

However, it's important to understand how to leverage the content -- having permalinks, commenting on other blogs and using trackback, making sure feeds (either Atom or RSS) are available.

I've heard from more than one organization who said, in essence, "Weblogs haven't increased our traffic at all." And then, when talking to them, I found out that they weren't doing anything to leverage the content. Except for the regular updates, they were treating it like a static content web page. This doesn't take advantage of the tools that are built into weblogs to help have a web-wide conversation.

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