Monday, November 15, 2004

Subscribe to

I have a Furl feed on the sidebar of my weblog that points to TechSoup content I find particularly interesting. This has been unofficial, maintained only by me.

The team has started their own atom feed. They've done it the 3rd party tool, eat your own dog food kind of way. They have set up a blogspot blog and post TechSoup items to it. Via the magic of blogger, they get a nice little atom feed. You, too, can subscribe.

I like this solution because it uses free tools, a little bit of creativity, and only a small amount of time (I'll be interested to find out how much time it takes to maintain this) and pushes TechSoup content out in a whole different way.

I also like it because it could be useful to any organization wanting to easily set up a "subscribe to what's new" on their site.

(in: rss_feeds, techsoup, 3rd_party_tools)