Sunday, November 14, 2004

OPML file of Nonprofit blogs

I've been thinking about the weblog aggregator issue. was a good (and now dormant) attempt to pull together different nonprofit weblogs on single page so that it was easy to scan headlines. I've been longing for something that helps me do a little more with the data -- track the frequency of links, for example.

In the meantime, I started collecting some nonprofit blogs on CompuMentor/TechSoup's Omidyar group pages. I just pulled those weblogs into a bloglines account, exported them as an OPML file and made that file available: npoblogs.xml.

The download interface isn't exactly intuitive. Clicking the download link brings up a html version of the xml file. Most aggregators allow you to import feeds from an URL. If you'd like to import a batch of nonprofit weblogs, broken down by the NTEE top level codes, go to it. And if you have any weblogs to add, please throw them in the comments here or on the nonprofit blogs page. Critical mass is, I believe, one of the first steps to making weblogs more levarage-able (is that a word?) for nonprofits.

(in: weblogs, rss_feeds, nonprofits)