Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Nonprofit weblogs?

In Rebecca McKinnon's post, Blogging for change she asks people who know of nonprofit weblogs to put links in her comment section.

I put a link to a similar list that we started on Omidyar Networks: Nonprofit Blogs.

In a article, I wrote:

What Weblogs Might Be Able to Do If We All Play Our Cards Right

  1. Provide an opportunity for ad hoc collaboration
  2. Raise the profile of important issues to a large, cross-organization constituency
  3. Provide a World Wide Web-sized conversation in context
  4. Provide access to tools to organizations that might not be able to afford them
  5. Create a variety of win-win situations

I believe those first two issues are huge potential. But for them to happen, we have to aggregate the nonprofit blogoshpere. We need a way of marking that particular slice of the pie and being to apply various toolsets to those blogs in a way that allows the content creators to leverage their work.

Sonny Cloward and I back-and-forthed about this on our weblogs, in email and on the Omidyar Network community. And, in some ways, I think we made the problem a little more difficult than it needs to be. Or at least, I made the problem a little more difficult than it needs to be.

I believe the first step is to simply collect nonprofit weblogs and to categorize them. I've choosen the NTEE breakdown as a first step at providing that categorization.

In parallel, we -- someone -- needs to be working with aggregatoring tools -- technorati, feedster, bloglines -- to create tools that support numbers three and five on my list above.

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