Saturday, November 06, 2004

BloggerCon: National Anthem

It's the opening.

A general introduction to the speakers and the topics. In general, this is pitched as a users' conference -- no vendor pitches, an attempt to reach out to the audience; "everyone in the room is an expert."

We're at Standford Law School. The nice thing, very nice thing, is that it's in a tiered law school classroom and so we have a desk and plugs for the computers. Wireless connection. That is all nice and certainly underscore the users' conference bit.

A guy from Public Broadcasting System talked about the uses of podcasting and said that podcasting is a new chapter in public broadcasting and how PBS can help support it.

I'm pretty interested in podcasting (the session here is going to be run by Adam Curry) and I'd like to understand how nonprofits can use it.

Someone from BBC just chimed in. Said that she wants to understand how to connect people -- publish and engage -- that aren't plugged in right now.

This is what I'm terribly interested in: now that civic engagement is happening online, how do we make sure everyone (or as everyone as possible) has access?

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