Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Addition to the Election Notes from BloggerCon

Robert Cox of the National Debate emailed a comment regarding my earlier post on the Election 2004 BloggerCon session. He writes (and this, by the way, is published with his permission):

Comment from the room: A Bush supporter, this supposedly non-partisan conversation is really about if we'd had better tools and used them better we would have won more. Maybe that isn't the right discussion. Because this represents slightly less than half of the country. The assumption is that the only way the Republicans won was by lying and cheating.

what you missed here is important...that maybe the Barack Obama and George Bush top-down model is better, rather that deride (Jay Rosen) candidates for "not getting it" or acusing them of cheating (Bush) how about noting that these were two WINNING campaigns while all of the bottom up campaigns like Dean, Clark, etc were LOSING campaigns. I also noted that the problem with dialog was that no voice in the room had expressed any acquaintence with the Bush campaign web strategy, their blog strategy, the Blogs for Bush organization or any of the top center-right, right and far right bloggers and so the discussion was self-referential.

My underlying point is that the entire BloggerCon would be better served by having more idealogical diversity.

Here is my post on this.

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