Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Text messaging, RNC protesters, and TxtMob

Another article: The New York Times > Technology > Circuits > Protests Powered by Cellphone (All of this publicity about the cellphone carrying, text messaging protesters has left an odd picture in my head).

The article focuses on TxtMob -- used at both conventions. The author says of the software, "The software was not intended for everyday mobile socializing. It was created as a tool political activists could use to organize their work, from staff meetings to street protests. Most of the people using it are on the left: of the 142 public groups listed on the TXTMob site, the largest are dedicated to protesting the Bush administration, the Republican Party or the state of the world in general."

I'd love to hear the experiences of folks who have been using this. Leave me a comment or shoot a message to

Here's the Google Search for TxtMob and Google News Search.

(A side note: I'd love to have an RSS feed available for these kinds of stuff-I'd-like-to-track searches)