Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Reaching out with SMS

Texting teens use SMS for help:

Base 25, a charity offering advice on subjects such as relationship and health issues is using text messages to communicate with teenagers.

Text Talk allows troubled youngsters to send a text to a dedicated number and receive an immediate response.

"It makes sense to use a medium which our target market is very comfortable with," said Rob Willoughby at Base 25.

"Research has found that 96% of young people own mobile phones, regardless of social class and youngsters are extremely adept at using text messaging technology," he added.

Often when we talk with nonprofits about things like these, they refer to their current points of pain -- which, typically include network and printer problems, difficulties generating a report and not the ability to send text message to mobile phones. However, as cell phones become more and more ubiquitious text messaging becomes a legitimate way to offer services -- not to replace existing services or to replace the human touch but as a way to keep in contact with an individual who is receiving services.