Tuesday, August 10, 2004

What Weblogs Can Do, A Short List

  1. Allow you to informally gather information from your co-workers.

  2. Track a project.

  3. Point to outside resources related to your work.

  4. Provide a mechanism for your constituency to engage with a less formal version of your organization.

  5. Make it easy to frequently update your website.

  6. Make it easy to turn a portion of your website over to your constituency, through commenting or authorial privileges.

  7. Serve as a personal knowledge management database.

  8. Allow you to share a variety of media, audio posts, images, videos.

  9. Make Google love your website.

  10. Entice readers to come back again and again and again and again. And again.

(a portion of an upcoming TechSoup article that pimps the promise and potential of weblogs to the nonprofit sector)